Interest Bearing Accounts

CD’s & Other Interest Bearing Accounts

Interest Rates Paid on Time Deposits

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 through Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

Interest-Earning Checking Accounts

Minimum BalanceTypeInterest RateAPY
$2,000.00Personal MOST Accounts0.200.20
$2,000.00NonPersonal MOST Accounts0.150.15
$900.00NOW Accounts0.150.15
$1,500.00Super NOW Accounts0.150.15

* Above rates may change after account is opened.

Time Deposits

TypeInterest RateAPY
Regular Savings Accounts0.200.20


Minimum BalanceTypeInterest RateAPY Yield to Maturity
$500.0032/61 Days0.250.25
$500.0091 Days0.300.30
$500.00182 Days0.600.60
$500.0012 Months 0.800.800.80
$500.0018 Months1.001.001.00
$500.0024 Months1.101.10 1.10
$500.0030 Months1.201.21 1.21
$500.0036 Months1.301.31 1.31

Jumbo Certificates

Minimum BalanceTypeInterest RateAPY
$100,000.0030 Days0.300.30
$100,000.0060 Days0.300.30
$100,000.0091 Days0.400.40
$100,000.00182 Days0.800.80
$100,000.0012 Months0.900.90
Please give us a call or come in if you’d like to open a CD or have any further questions.

A substantial penalty may be assessed on all funds withdrawn prior to maturity on all time deposit accounts.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Fees may reduce earnings.